Finding our TREASURE!

13 JUN, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

We all discuss weather in a social gathering. Why is it so? It is such a neutral topic? Not only that, we discuss celebrities Jonny Deep, Angelia Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tiger Wood, Ronaldo, Nadal – but rarely we discuss people around us. Why? It is obviously to do with desire for entertainment. But at times we need to dig deeper into tricky topics to unearth a true treasure. For that we need to understand what a true treasure is. In fact; it depends, as they say. And that is right. A true treasure to me could be useless for another person and vice versa. I am not going to spend my time convincing what should be a true treasure. It is for us to finding out, our own specific pairs of true treasure.

We all try different tricks for making ourselves feel big. We discuss all good things about us but we never discuss bad things about us openly. Why? We do everything, so that we will be unreceptive to the criticism of others. Yet others may be easily damaged by our own attacks on them. Why?

No one knows everything, trust me. But everyone knows something or must know something or capable of knowing something and that is about just us.  Understanding ourselves better. And that is far more empowering than knowing, expecting, judging, and guessing about others.

These circulations I have come across recently. I am sure we have all seen this. I wonder what our views on these topics are. I am attaching them below. It is Friday and weekend is just round the corner… What are your plans for the weekend? Mine is to understand myself better while doing everything I should be doing in a normal weekend.