Happy Teachers Day!

07 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Today; September 5th is celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY in India!   Guru/Teacher is indeed the strongest entity of the Universe who reveals the reality to students for the conduct of a successful life of peace and bliss and thereby, leaves an indelible imprint on their mind. An enlightened teacher has a Midas-Touch which helps in bringing a metamorphosis, a sort of total change, in the sincere disciple.

We often misunderstand thinking that the ONLY role of a teacher in our life is to help us with our education.   The first and foremost purpose of education is to educate and give everyone equal opportunity as a means to succeed in life. Education is a way of igniting and enlightening the thought of an individual.

  1. Innovation is pushing ahead at warp speed. We are certainly living through one of the most exciting periods in human history. The pace of change is so fast that even the technology of five years ago seems prehistoric.
  2. Students of current age probably do not even remember a time when phones were not smart, when cameras contained film, when texts meant school books, and when wireless was a word used for old-fashioned radio!
  3. If we hadn’t had the most recent global economical crisis and the unrest in certain war torn regions had not occurred, there might have been 62 million more jobs in the world today, according to the International Labor Organisation as it is, there are over 200 million people looking for work across the globe.
  4. To add to our worries: 75 million of these are young people, eager to take that first firm foothold in the ladder of success.

However; teachers of current time, have some added responsibility; apart from the static role to help with the formal education.

  • It is also the teacher’s responsibility to help learners to discriminate between knowledge and ignorance,   help to create a spark and create the sense of realisation with logic and a way to reason why the other things are illogical.   It is more important than learning some text book theories.
  • Everyone must have a vocation of specialization – such as a trade, a business, or a profession – (if they are able to) in order to earn his livelihood so that they can support themselves, their family and people who cannot help themselves in our society.     The role of the teacher today is to make the student aware of what they are individually good at AND guiding them in their selection process as to what they should be focusing in their career; rather than encouraging them to focus on a generic career available off the shelf.

Gone are the days of traditional model of students sitting passively in classrooms, following instructions and memorising material. It is evident that computers can do that for us!   A 21st century educational system has to focus on the areas where humans can outclass computers —such as in cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, fine motor skills, or sophisticated coding skills.   Maybe we need to remind ourselves of the purpose of education and vocational education. And for defining the purpose of education,   we need to look at the patterns of economic activity in the years ahead, and especially the role of education, technology and innovation in driving us forward.

In the apprehension of all these above a good relationship between the teachers and the disciples is important, which is full of adoration and introspection.    It has always gone down in history as the very best form of human relations, which is so beautified with love, respect, humility and deep gratitude, that it is difficult to fathom its beatitude!   Happy Teachers day to everyone,   who have bestowed their wisdom on me, and for making me who I am.

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