Jaisa Desh, Waisa Bhesh - Business model

24 MAY, 2015
by Bikash Mohanty

In business when they have to make competitive decisions, they often justify themselves with the phrase, 'That's business'. In business, nobody can afford to be too elastic or too soft. That’s if business is capital oriented. How about if it is charitable or religious or spiritual type? Those same people, who were involved shrewdly in capital oriented businesses; will perform acts of supreme generosity and self-sacrifice; with charitable or religious or spiritual type of Business,. Example: Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Microsoft Corporate. Two different types of Business, same owners and different standards apply for these different types of business.

Consumers have equal contribution in making price/demand elasticity curve bend either ways. If Sachin Tendulkar or Shahrukh Khan has endorsed a product, that makes the product successful, not so much its price, design, or ingredients in it. Other day I was listening to this song and remembered how many time this song was forwarded to me via email, SMS, Whatsapp etc, in last two-three years. Why? Because it is Sachin Tendulkar's favourite song apparently. See, this song of 1950s finds popularity in current age group, very instantly, soon as it is associated with a celebrity life-style.

The song goes like this; “Gum aur Khusi ka faaarrrk mehsoosh na ho jahan....mein dil ko ush mukaaam pe leta chala gaya.....Har fitrrrrrrrrrrr ko dhuen (Khane mein uda ta - in our case) mein uda ta chala gaya... “. Very meaningful song it is; “Gum aur Khusi ka faaarrrk mehsoosh na ho jahan....” - “The state of mind where we can’t differentiate between happiness and sadness. That is the direction I drove my heart towards...”

Jitna bada pain, utna bada opportunity bada ban-ne ka. Na Gandhiji ko laat padta, na unke upaar log thukte, na unko train se dhaka marke nikaal diya jata .....na unke mann mein junoon bharta Bapu ban-ne ka. Auur jahan dukh aur sukh ka pharak khatam Hota hey...thik wahin se mahatma ban-ne ka patla sa rasta suru Hota hai! Aur hum mahatma baney aur nathuram, yeah chayan sirf hamara hey. Lucky are those, who were granted such accute opportunity (not pain) by God to become bapu like, big, bigger than other normal beings.

In Business theories, models are very important. These models are only remembered if we give them some kind of name and that’s how they will be remembered for the generations to come. One such business model can be: “Jaisa Desh, Waisa Bhesh”. In English; “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. How about we find a name for this business model? Say; “Jaisa Desh, Waisa Bhesh model” or “JDWB model”? How does that sound? And if I simplify this model, all it is telling us is: NO SINGLE RULE; HOLDS TRUE FOR ALL SITUATIONS. Na; that’s not all – other important link is missing, which will come from Gandhiji and Sachin Tendulkar story above and that will complete the sentence. Let’s do it.

NO SINGLE RULE; HOLDS TRUE FOR ALL SITUATIONS; UNLESS ADVERTISED BY SACHIN TENDULKAR OR PAINFULLY EXPERIENCED BY MAHAMTMA GANDHI! Bapu taught us to exercise nonviolence in all situations and Sachin taught us to use “It’s my choice – and yours?” in all state of affairs.

And my favourite song for this weekend is… as usual, a beautiful concoction of contemporary and classical. Here we go. Hope it puts you into the dreamland… Goodnight! :)