Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

25 DEC, 2015
by Bikash Mohanty

Today he texted me from another continent.    He said:    Bikash my mom has been trying to talk me out of this for 30 mins. She thinks her parents will see me as weird and all of these things. Like a restraining order.

Me:    Nope. Please do not let it affect you. It is your battle, so you fight it. No one knows your situation better than you. You must take a decision without being biased by anybody. You stay away from your parents until you meet her. We are all born to find answers…answers as to why we were born, what we are here to resolve/achieve …how do we find balance in everything we do, how we remain happy and peaceful consistently…what is the key to our happiness. You must find your answer. Keys to your happiness are different from keys to your parent’s happiness. They must know keys to their happiness. And they can only guess keys to your happiness, they can’t be certain.

He said:    hmmmm

Me:    You don’t need to be rude with your parents. Just maintain your composure. May be they are not getting enough confidence that you can handle the situation on your own. Be nice to them, smile at them, exhibit patience, be a smooth operator, take smooth decisions. You have it in you. You can do it. It’s your last chance to understand and make sense of those thoughts, which have been troubling you for six months or more. Go for it. If you don’t resolve this now, two weeks later you will not have any scope, even if you want to.

He said:    My parents are trying to plant doubt in my mind.

Me:    That’s fine. Why you bother? Show them you are not going to be affected. Show them you have become stronger, capable, independent and grown up too. You can take your decisions. Do indeed take the blessing of your parents before you set out to meet her. Give them a big hug. But make it happen today. At least you will know, this or that, here or there, She or another. You must find answer to those vivid thoughts for last 6 months. Feel the power. Feel the GOD in you. Feel you are the best. You have to find victory over your doubts/negativity today. You are nothing less than Alexander II today. You don’t need anyone today. Everyone needs you. You are handsome, you are witty, you are powerful, you are jovial, you are happy, you are the boy next door, you are a hunk, you are intelligent and you are successful. Carry that attitude in your mind. Yet, you are most down to earth and compassionate dude, who operates smoothly with a smile. Go for it. I am with you. All the best. Merry Christmas.


He said:    Can I call you now? I am in front of her door.

Me:    I am in the train. It may not connect properly. But you can try. I shall reach home in an hour and then you can call me.

He said:    Her Dad answered the door. He was so kind to me! I asked him about his health. Offered him the flowers and chocolates. She had a late last night, she was sleeping. I chatted with his Dad at the door for few minutes and came back. I feel good. I feel much better.

Me:    Told you. Believe…Good things happen…if you believe. You know?

He said:    Do you have faith?

Me:    100%. Believe, put across your best…follow your honest-self. If you are being honest….if your feelings are honest…then I am 100% sure end result will be beautiful. We come across many prospective relationships in life. In all of those prospective relationships, we don’t certainly feel 100% always. With some, we feel 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and 90%. But every one of us, in our life time…one day…will come across someone particular, where all our searches will end., time will stop, wind will stop blowing, water will stop flowing, we will appear stunned, speechless and clueless. We'll JUST know…that is the moment…that is the person…that is the key…that is the answer you ever wanted...ha ha….everything else is was just COMPROMISE, which doesn’t matter and we don’t mind letting it go. You know? If you have been getting this 100% type feeling towards this girl, then you must take action today and I am also 100% that you will have a beautiful conclusion. Opportunity knocks only once and here is your chance but be honest with your only know your one else. If it is real and Alexander II today...nothing/no-one can stop you.

He said:    You should have seen these gifts. Each boxes individually packed…with little notes that she’d love. All in a golden bag with one single rose. Thank you for your belief. May be I will hear her voice before I return to work.

Me:    You will. Trust me. I am very proud of you. I am so amazed that you love her so much. May the universe transpire an opportunity, where she feels your love for her, may there be a victory of honesty, may there be end of darkness tomorrow, may there be a lasting smile on your face tomorrow and thereafter…may you have a merry Christmas my friend.  You will call me tomorrow, I know for sure….just keep believing and stay tight with your endurance.

He said:    I want to thank you.

Me:    No. Thank him. He is the one who said that, no me. “Believe, good things will happen”!

He said:    Who is he? What are you talking about?

Me:    Kunfu Panda. My favourite cartoon character.  Merry Christmas Kunfu-Panda. Speak to you soon. Marry Christmas in advance.

All right. That’s him. Why I am telling his story to us?    Well, there was a line in my chartered accounting text book, which I quite like. And that is “Not only accountants have to be objective…they must appear to be objective as well to others”. Ask me why I like that statement?    Because that remind me of Bhagbat Gita. I used to ask this question to my grand-mother, after listening to her stories….    why there was Mahabharat war at all ? It was Lord Krishan, the supreme soul himself with Pandavas…so why there was a need for a war…if he wanted…he could be finished the war in a minute by using his vice Sudarshan chakra.    Same questions came into my mind as a child about Jesus Christ as well. The crucifixion of Jesus occurred during the 1st century AD, most probably between the years 30 and 33. Jesus, whom Christians believe to be the Son of God as well as the Messiah, was arrested, tried, and sentenced by Pontius Pilate to be scourged, and finally crucified by the Romans. How?    How can that happen? He is the son of the God, he can protect himself…God could have protected him otherwise. Why was he crucified?

Message – there was a message in both the stories, my grand mother said. And that message was so strong that we are discussing those 5000-10000 years after…at this time…sitting here in the small city of India,    she said while playing with my hair, as I fell asleep.

And the message from the little story of my friend is:    more he will believe, more he will win. More he will cultivate honesty within, more closer he will approach towards his keys …remember? We started off with the mention of those keys to our happiness. That's what will be proved once again, and we shall take note yet again... Just as accounting theory said...  “Not only accountants have to be objective…they must appear to be objective as well to others”  .... same what Lord Krishna said in Bhagwat Gita ...  ”we all fight the battle everyday of our life...the biggest of them all is the battle of right/wrong, true/false, honesty/dishonesty – and the result of this battle must be shown to the world proudly…so that, it is result is trusted in the ages to come  …  that truth/honesty always finds victory over everything else”  . Are we being truthful & honest to ourselves today and always? If yes, just smile it away and sing….WHAT? 

Enough is enough.  Tomorrow I want to wake up early. I am very delighted to be appointed as the chef for cooking Christmas lunch tomorrow. Aprons are out and about…ready to shine. I must go as well to bed…so are you…

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all, for your friendship, for your support, kind words and smiles.    May you all have a Merry Christmas and joyful festive season.    Take good care of yourself and indulge responsibly. Love you all.