Movie Review: Pink

24 SEP, 2016
by Bikash Mohanty

Over the years; the orientation of Bollywood movies have changed (not sure if evolved). They started with mythological subject lines & continued with the same for over two decades (between 1920s -1940s), the following decade (1940-1950) was about India’s flight for independence, that followed by a decade (1960-1970) which was about deep family emotions…such as sacrifice from a family member, true love, respect to the woman, respect to the elders and reunion with lost brothers/sisters.  It was actually during 1970-1980; when the concept of super villains introduced in Bollywood movies (Prem Chopra, Ranjit, Ajit, Amrish Puri etc) and since then there is no looking back. It only got worst and worst and worst. These super villains became more powerful day by day, in our mind, in our soul, in our blood.  They started destroying poor, they starting raping female characters, they started corrupting the political stability of the country, and now they are playing internationally, with cross border terrorism, scams of international scope and what not.

As we can see how orientation has changed. And there has not been a good mix either. In India; cinema has a great impact on people and the stars are the biggest influences. We try to be like them, look like them and behave like them. We all want our life to be a perfect film story. Cinema plays an important role in our lives, even more than we notice. Forget about me; I do accept; I always wanted my life to be like a happy Suraj Barjatya movie, surrounded by friends, family, happiness and lots of cats/dogs. I was listening to India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani recently and he mentioned; most of the evening after work, he watches a Bollywood movie to wind down and relax. That is the impact of a movie, in the life of us India. Even my son tells me; Papa it is just a movie…but I can’t stop myself being emotional, I do cry with some movies and other movies I proudly sleep all though the movies.

But, there are a few times we feel a lot more than just an IMPACT. We feel a sense of having witnessed something historical, something that touches a deep chord. This is when we come across movies which leave a greater impact on the society. Some actually manage to change a couple of lives while some help to speed up pending justice, some fill us with emotional turmoil and some give your life a complete new direction.

PINK is one such movie. I think it is one of the movies which should cross 600 crores, not the ones which are making that sort of business in the recent times. It is by far; the best movie I have seen in my life. Yes; I did cry at the last scene, when the lady police office shakes hand with Mr.Bachhan outside of the court room. God; what a moment. Pretty defining.

Pink is a movement in its own right. It’s an honest attempt to highlight the rape culture of India. Pink is a powerful statement on the existing feudal mindset of a majority of India. Pink is a protest call to not judge women. A woman who drinks, parties and has male friends over to her house is branded as a 'woman of low character'. A democratic society must be intolerant to a culture that brands women like this. And that is possible; only when films like PINK will be made in the future. And it will be made; only if we show our support for it, by making it 600 crores movie (aahhh forget about it, even 100 crores will do for now J ). Because remember what I said above? In India; cinema has a great impact on people and the stars are the biggest influences, whether it is gigantic Mukesh Ambani or insignificant Bikash Mohanty.

All our Bollywood actors, producers, directors; often look up to Hollywood movies for ideas / references / future prospects. I have not seen a Hollywood movie EVER, where a woman is ever mistreated, raped, gang raped or even used as an object. All the Hollywood movies show women respectfully. And because they show it respectfully; no one in the western society ever considers it is allowed to misbehave with women or rape them. They consider this as banned / prohibited /excluded strictly. It is true; cinema has a great impact on people and the stars are the biggest influences. We try to be like them, look like them and behave like them. We all want our life to be a perfect film story. Cinema plays an important role in our lives, even more than we notice. That is perhaps why; assault rate is on rise in India; because they show it in the movies so regularly these days. I learnt at the spiritual institution; I am associated with for past few years that: everything starts with a thought. Whatever we carry in our mind and we think repeated in our mind; our life takes the shape of it accordingly. If movies teach us bad things, quite likely we shall start to follow them… These sorts of things; hardly ever happened between year 1920-1970, in India; because they were not part of the movies then. Since then; persecution against women is running in parallel with the trend in our movies…getting bigger and worst.

I was leaving work on time yesterday; when a colleague of mine stopped me and suggested we go out for dinner. I said I have to reach the Brahmakumari Yoga studio by 18:30pm. He says “Ohhh…is this one which is run by girls wearing white sarees. I said “Yes”…He then added…”You know…duniya bhar ki gandi baat/dhande wohin pe hoti hey”. I smiled. I didn’t have to answer. His opinion is his and mine? Mine is: I make my own decision and nothing has come to surface for me to believe in what you said. BTW; the person who suggested about Brahmakumaris is a very successful, rich and educated person; just to give an example of how minds work.

It is time for the censor board, audience and the law makers of the county to take note; disallow certain types of contents from movies in the future and provide very strong appreciation/support for inspiring movies like PINK. My rating of the PINK movie is: 5 out of 5.

God!!! It has become bit lengthy for a movie review…never mind…I don’t follow templates…remember why I write at the first place? Because I want to empty my mind and fill my heart with pleasure. One last thing about Pink movie;  every character in the movie has an equally important role to play, whether it is Mr.Bachhan or three girls. EQUALITY; is what needed not Discrimination.

With that thought; its time to wear the sun glasses for one last time; before winter grips in very soon. Its bright and sunny out there. Tow; chaalein sambha? Sambha said; which song shall I play sarkar?