18 MAY, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

India voted, India elected and now results have been declared too.  I am happy, although I am not a BJP supporter.  I don't support any political party in India anymore.  Why then? This is because I noticed the conviction with which people of India voted. Look at this picture below. The saffron colour in the map below, are the places/constituencies where BJP (Narendra Modi’s party) won the election. Incredible!!! That why; it is the VICTORY of India and all Indian. Political landscape of India has been transformed. The SUCCESS of Narendra Modi is the most decisive mandate for any Indian leader since the 1984 assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi propelled her son Rajiv to office.

Though a BJP win was expected, few predicted such a crushing victory. For 25 years India has been governed by coalitions, but the size of Modi's mandate means he will not have to work with allies and can set his own agenda. The party's regional strength is likely to be reinforced at local elections in coming months.

India is full of politicians who make dramatised statements for news channel. Hee-Haa! Some say: Pakistan must watch out now, Modi will not tolerate the non-sense as the prior govt did. Some say: India is now going to surpass china’s growth and become the most powerful nation. And the politicians with local knowledge only keep their point of views to local only. They say abhi tow “Muslim logoon ka byand bajne wali hey!” (Now the Muslims in India will be deep trouble for staying in India and supporting Pakistan”. RUBBISH; YES RUBBISH!!!

The former tea seller (Narendra Modi, our new Prime Minister to-be) would not come this far, if he had short term views as above, as his fellow party colleagues or his opponents say. I believe somehow; Narendra Modi will be different. While people are judging/guessing his political moves, strategies: Modi is spreading away some heart warming possibilities; such as    " good times ahead " or " the only solution to every problem is [economic] development – without which India's destiny will not change " or my favourite “The 21ST CENTURY IS AN ERA OF KNOWLEDGE. IF POVERTY IS TO BE ABOLISHED IN THIS COUNTRY; IT CAN BE ABOLISHED ONLY THROUGH KNOWLEDGE!”

This election saw around 100 million first-time voters cast a vote. Modi's "Development for All" message appeared to have struck a chord with frustrated voters, particularly the young, across the nation.

I have said in my previous post dated 30th December 2013 THE FOLLOWING: “Over a period of ten years or more, Rahul Gandhi has been touring the length and breadth of the country, going to remote areas and freely mingling with the rural people, in a determined proposition to awaken the youth to get involved in nation-building endeavours. His father late Rajiv Gandhi, took the bold initiative of amending the constitution to lower the voting age to 18, in a bid to bring about the quality of representation, in the functioning of the governments and also in the character of democracy itself.” This is what perhaps kept curiosity for Rahul/Sonia Gandhi in people’s mind and generated votes for them in last two elections. But this time around; this speciality from top congress leaders were missing. It felt as if they had accepted the defeat, even before the election. THEY WERE NOT TRYING!  

And while that was the SLOATHY mood in the congress camp during this election; THE WISE tea-seller (MODI) had taken full advantage of it. Since being named as his party's candidate last September, Modi has flown more than 185,000 miles and addressed 457 rallies in a slick, presidential-style campaign that has broken the mould of Indian politics. A huge social media effort has reached out to voters across the nation. Modi received more than seven times the media coverage of his chief rival, Rahul Gandhi. Nope not Arvind Kejriwal. Not now. Later-later. He will have his time too.

Until then;  we only watch and watch it properly; what the former tea-seller and now our honourable Prime Minister; Mr.Narendra Modi does… yes does…not says….

Congratulations; Mr Modi  AND we are very proud of you and eager to see your promises come true, for INDIA. Love you.