Sing a Song; while driving most Powerful Car!

27 NOV, 2016
by Bikash Mohanty

Suddenly realised I have not been able to move the pen with my mind, for last few weeks. Life has been such. All these sudden realizations! Suddenly realized a month and half ago that I have turned 40. That’s exciting. Oh God what an achievement!; Finally… What a feeling! Good friend and a famous Astrologer from the USA wrote to me on my birthday:  Over the past few years, you saw a side of life that was anything but soft and refined. You were under a barrage of difficult planetary aspects that tested your strength and resolve as far back as July 2009. The coming year will not be a rerun of past years. In fact, it will prove in high contrast the wonder of life, proving that no matter how hard things have been, things can change and go from dark black to brilliant, shiny white”.

Crikey! How scary is that…to acknowledge that piece of absolute truth she wrote. I’ll tell you, Astrology works. Even then, I told her “What are you talking about – hardship? In my life?”. She smiled and said: “Yeah, Right! That’s why you are my friend, a famous for all that!”. I don’t want to remember past or any past hardship. Let gone by gone. We are here…Zindegi Aaa raho hoon mein. I got back to my old rituals, travelling to a new place all by myself, on my birthday. I travelled to south of france this year and my god; what an experience it was!

On the same token; often I am asked, “If I am missing something in life”. I smile; to remember that funny video of the monk below and say with a kiddie accent of my little son “Oh yeah”. Interest builds up from other side…”What is that?…WHAT IS THAT?”. I reply “PROBLEMS”. I am missing problems in my life right now. And I am in no mood to buy these anymore. FULL STOP. Full stop is a complete statement in its own rights.

The attacking cricket batman from India; Virender Sehwag is one of the most lovable cricketers of our generation. Both his attitude of dominating the bowlers and his antics on the field of play make him the champion cricketer that he is. Sehwag made the headlines few years ago; for singing while taking strike at the crease. Recently, in an interview, Sehwag said that: singing songs actually keeps him calm at the crease. He went on to say that when he's short of runs, he would sing devotional 'bhajans' but when the runs are flowing, he would sing Bollywood songs like 'Chitiya Kalaiyaan'. Cool; hey ?

If we pay attention; we are a lone army, most of the time…IN THE CURRENT TIMES at least, when the world has turned capitalistic and greedy say perhaps in last 20 years. Everyone want something from us and if we are unable to give in; they try to attack us, either virtually, or emotionally or physically. These were a rarity in the past but quite a sure shot reality these days…. Agree, Give in to the demand and keep giving in – everyone is happy. If you fail; life will be made miserable. Should we worry? NOPE, NOT AT ALL.  How then we survive?

That’s what the brilliant Shewag has worked out and that what my favourite monk says below. If I combine their individual statements; it becomes: SING A SONG WHILE DRIVING THE MOST POWERFUL CAR IN THE WORLD . If we did that; we are safe and rocking. J Do we want to rock?

Football/Cricket/Rugby are not the most popular game these days. FEAR game is. Just imposing fear makes a lot of business; whether locally, internationally, politically or professionally or personally; either through terrorist organizations or through secular organization or through religions or through whatever it is; who cares? We experience these depending in our level of involvement in the stages I mentioned above.

I often come across in professional environment; people raise voice; shout; to make their point heard. I smile. Always smile. That gives them a shock. What? Still smiling. Yes, that’s right. I am still smiling. A statement with a bigger volume is never received better nor considered accepted. So why? If we pay attention; we shall discover this game of fear is being played…mentally. People who raise voice or short are more scared, insecure and indecisive; as a matter of fact. But as long as; we are capable of riding the most powerful car I mentioned above; we will never be affected. NEVER. Trust me.

Time is changing. Previously only few people drove powerful cars. Now; we are moving into an era, it will be in capacity of every one to drive the most powerful car. I see it coming. Very soon. Guess what; it is very affordable, and almost zero running cost. All we need is appetite and time to feed ourselves with KNOWLEDGE. That’s it. Knowledge is not equal to education. Knowledge is way high up in terms of its tangibility, with respect to education. Education however can be one of the mediums to achieve knowledge.

A friend tells me; I change too much too often; I should not do that. I shall loose my originality. That’s his opinion. I am very thankful, he cares for me. Love you. But what I believe is; I need to change. I will not be happy if I did not change. Change is like food for me. Often I mentioned; mere zindegi ki tamboo; teen bamboo pe khada hey…Evolution (Change); Experience (Life experience) and Celebration. E2C. There are three pillars that supports my lifeline; Evolution (Change), Experience (life experience) and Celebration.  And they will continue to be my pillars, my lifeline, and my values for the rest of the life. Why I am saying this? Because; I do pick up good things from others and implement them in my life. And singing while dealing with fear is what I adopted in my life; thanks to Virendra Shewag.

I am satisfied with very simple food. Rice/Roti; Daal and Spinach/Okra is my most favourite food. I can eat them for lunch & dinner for rest of my life. Son asks me; “Papa; are you not bored?”. No; I am not; I reply. I can afford to have very celebratory meal every day. But it depends what satisfies me more. And Green vegetables, daal and two chapattis give me that satisfaction, which none of the extensive food trials in my life ever offered. So; point is very clear. I know what I need. NEED is different from WANT. WANT is indecisive; NEED is clear. I want to be in this stage of knowing my needs, which triggers my satisfaction, without being biased externally.

We talked about quite a lot of things today; the most powerful car in the world, difference between need and want, about singing a song while facing fear, about what is missing in life, difference between knowledge and education; and about the fear game and what not!

Although I’d love to continue; I shall write only this much for today; before it becomes too much. I am conscious of the fact that it is Sunday and we all have a lot to do…fun stuff, right?

Virendra Shewag se yaad aya; I am singing right now, MANTALLY. Am I facing fear right now? Not really…ummm a little bit may be. Yesterday I ran 10K, today I am attempting the same again. Worried if it is achievable…. it is a doubtful mind merely, more appropriately, than really fearful.  So this is what I am singing since I woke up this morning. My boyhood favourites and with this; I wish you all a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Love you all, bye for now.