Somwar ko HUM mile; Mangalwar ko NAIN!

28 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Somwar ko hum mile; mangalwar ko nain! Somwar ko hum mile; mangalwar ko nain! Budh ko meri nind gayi; jhume raat ko chain! Are sukar shani kate muskil se aaj hai etwar! Saat dino me ho gaya jaise, sat janam ka pyar!!!

We met on Monday; we had an eye contact on Tuesday! We met on Monday; we had an eye contact on Tuesday! I couldn’t sleep on Wednesday and lost my calmness on Thursday! Difficult it was to spend Friday and Saturday; Today is Sunday. And in these seven days; I experienced amount of love I needed, for next seven lives! I didn’t write this! I loved this song, when I was growing up, as a kid. Like any accurate dreamy Libran; I dreamt of myself acting, singing/dancing around the trees; in many of the popular Salman Khan songs or Amitabh Bachhan song; in my childhood! My sister says I was a born actor; I used to stand in front of the mirror & deliver dialogs, when I was little.  “Mother - Khana Lao…”; like Shatrughan Sinha delivering KHAMOOSSSHHHH!). Apparently her daughter does the same these days, just like her Mama (Maternal uncle!).

Lyricist of the above song; wrote that everyday contributed something, for him to experience the amount of love needed, for next seven lives in just seven day! He is right. Everyday does contribute something for us to measure something sizably achieved in a week. Scales measure little more aggregated values; for example achievement in a week, achievement in a month, achievement in a year, quantity in KGs. We don’t really report smaller measurements: achievement in a day, achievement in a minute, achievement in a second or quantity in milligrams. It’s possible but they will be insignificantly small in value/quantity/count; hence meaningless and inappropriate.

Why is that then we are so annoyed with Monday or shall we say scared of Monday? Our hairs stand up tall, with slightest of the thoughts about Monday! We literally hate Monday! My poor Monday!

There is something wrong. If we try and analyse – we’ll notice that we overindulge between Friday and Sunday. We kill ourselves with enjoyment until the very last minute possible on a Sunday, even late evening. And as a result, we are JUST tired and feel recovering on a Monday morning. There is no fault of poor Monday on this. Why is it responsible for us being uncontrolled during the weekend? Not fair!

Monday can be beautiful and enjoyable as well – if we space out our activities equally, for our own benefit. How about we distribute enjoyment and employment equally between seven days, where there will not be any scope for inequality. All days will be similar in terms of their look, feel, offerings and experiences! We shall and we can welcome everyday with same spirit, with just little work at our end. Shall we?

When I got home this Friday evening; there was a song playing on the tele. I don’t think I have watched this movie but really appreciated the song so much that I kept playing it, all through the weekend. Not necessarily a good song, I may not like it another time – but for this weekend; it had the required frequency. Sunday evening can be the most insightful and peaceful time, from the whole week. I present you this song for your soothing Sunday evening. Have a flashy week ahead. Subh Ratri, Sabah al khair! Good Morning  Monday – Goodnight Sunday!