Good-Morning-Wali Sunday!

14 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

We wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen! There's a tactful way to achieve what's necessary - and there's an aggressive course to a similar kind of achievement as well. Nothing/No-one has ever proved yet that we'll make less advancement if we are frank, self-confident and inflexible. It's entirely possible that we'll get ever further even being opposite. But what other side-effects it will produce for us is the question? We’ll have to push someone’s nose out the joint? Our action will incur resentments in someone’s mind? And it will come back to bite us at some point in the future? If we can be kind and sensitive, we'll save a lot of trouble in your moving life.

The Gaza incident, Expansion model adopted in Far-East, Made-up LOC battle in Kashmir Valley, infused tension in middle-east, fooling African’s to steal what they own & our very own daily battle to ride the success by doing something “not-so-good” to the others – all have the same questions to argue against.   We take wrong decision and we spend good chunk of our life repairing for the damage we did, may be impact of it extends beyond our life time to next generation as well …why not think through and take the right decision always?

How does it matter what others think or do? What right, need to be followed by us at least. Wish you a very happy Sunday; Have a lovely day!!!