The battle of life!

07 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Sometimes, it is difficult to make out whether the pain of an injury is decreasing or we are simply getting used to it. As with physical strain, so with emotional anxiety. Over time we develop forbearance. We find that we can take more of that; which was imaginable for us to bear, once upon in our lifetime.

So it is about getting used to a type of situation; which some of us analyse little differently as:

  • Cycle of good times/bad times
  • Astrological influence
  • And many other possibilities.

Good. Different perspective I guess. But is it really possible to avoid injury? Tough ask. Only way it is possible, is when we stay indoor and do not get out of home at all. Someone wise told me once; life is full of battles…difficult battles. But we do not have to fight all battles through out our life; neither have we to be scared of them at all. We prioritise and choose the battles we want to fight, in our own terms and in our own accord. When we do; we have chance of winning through a great experience…