The Breakfast Club!

03 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Soho is gorgeous as it is! All the shops, characteristics of each shop, their heritage, offered experience, the evolved customer service – may be that is what LONDON is all about. Experience of its kind. I didn’t realized what I am getting into, when I got an offer to work for one of the global electronic major at their Soho office in London near Oxford Circus, a year ago or so. Two things I liked about this short assignment, apart of the exciting/my favourite work (Finance, Budgeting & Planning). One was my colleagues “JAMES”, and the other was “my EXPERIENCE of SOHO, Oxford Street”. James and I worked in Australia in the same project, where we had common friends but we never interacted ever in Australia unfortunately. He mentioned he did work in the same projects. What a lovely guy he is! He is just my type. Excuse me? Sorry James – I am just your type. Happy? You are this amazing friend, awesome human being and someone who is always HAPPY! FULL OF LIFE. He always SMILES.

Anyways – James is the one, who mentioned about “The Breakfast Club” to me! He looked at me and said WHAT? You have not been to “The Breakfast Club”; in spite of living in London for seven years! May be he was right – every day I saw a long queue in front of the restaurant, when I went out during the lunch hours. I am not big fan of English breakfast but my son “Rishi” is. He just

I think it must have been the day; he completed and promoted from his nursery class (July 2014); I promised him for a nice dinner. I asked him what is that special something he would like to have for dinner. He said “I want some sausages Papa!”.  It got me thinking, how about I arrange the best sausages in London, right now in the evening, for my little angle? I thought of James and his wisdom with the food – I remember James telling me: if you want BREAKFAST anytime from 8:00am - 00:00am – one place can offer and that is the “The Breakfast Club”. Rishi and I rushed off to Oxford Street and in no time we were curling in the comfortable chairs of the “The Breakfast Club” Soho.

Want to know what we had for our breakfast in the dinner time? Here we go. Check out these pictures. There is a way I certify that Rishi has enjoyed his food; - IS WHEN, he falls off to sleep quickly after his food. Within five minutes he was snoring resting his head on my lap; while I was eating my lovely pan cakes slowly. What a lovely evening, it was!!!

I know you’d like to know my rating and the address of this place. My rating is 4 out of 5. And the address of all branches you can find in the link below.  Bon appétit!!!