The curious case of THE MARVERICK “Rishi Rehan Mohanty!

05 OCT, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

End of Dussehra and start of Eid festival. What an eventful weekend it is!  Today is the most important day of my life. The day I celebrate the most important achievement of my life, the birth day of MySon-MyJaan “Rishi Rehan Mohanty”!

Rishi has been using the word “My” these days, quite a lot. I asked him what is this “My business” all the time? He said remember Papa; you told me whatever you have got, is mine too! Smart buoy. I do remember my son. Everything is yours. When Papa is all yours, all that Papa has got is all yours too.

Papa, do you love me the most? Yes, absolutely THE MOST. How much is the most, one billion times? No, one trillion times, Gundu! Is One Trillion bigger than one billion, Papa? I think One Zillion is even bigger than One Trillion. Then I love you one Zillion times Papa.

I know; many years later when you will learn to use internet, you will find this little article in my website and that day you will be old enough to understand and believe that indeed your Papa, loves you the MOST in this world, more than anything, more than everything combined.

Are you not happy Papa that I am six today? No! Why Papa why? Because I always want you to be this little, my baby. I always want you to be this playful, playing with toys, stumble & stammer while speaking and I want you to run around the house like a little squirrel, always.

The curious case of THE MARVERICK “Rishi Rehan Mohanty” :

I can’t believe we are in October already, it feels like we started a year, just recently. How fast it goes…that’s why they say perhaps… It’s the journey, not the destination that matters! Hope we all have a great journey this year. We still have three more months to catch up on the journeys, yet to be undertaken.  

While running in the park this morning, a song played from my Nano. I wondered what this song is doing in my Nano, with rest of my exercise tracks! Who got this song here? Awaz ayi, “MEIN! Tera Rooh, tera saya! Mein woh hoon jo marta nahin, uddd jata hey, idhar se udhar. Mein wohi hoon jo tujhe haar khusiyon se wahif karata hey – ache banney ki, achha rehney ki raah dikhata hey. Mein tera Rooh, aur mera naam Roohdaar.” Mein idhar bhi hoon, udhar bhi. Mein asmaan bhi hoon, zameen bhi. Remember you said Sunday evening can be the most insightful and peaceful time, from the whole week. And you have to play a song for our soothing Sunday evening. Tow yeahi hey that song.

This is the song.  Have a brilliant week ahead. Subh Ratri.