The Sportsman Country Pub, Mogador!

05 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

After our successful cycling trip from London to Box Hill on the previous weekend; my friend wanted us to carry on doing the same, every weekend. Last weekend; he suggested us to cycle to “Colley Hill””!  Where H**l is that, I thought to myself! It is somewhere close to Box Hill; he said. I trusted his navigation skills always; he is good at using Google map from his semi-smart phone. And I am hopeless. And we arrived at Colley Hill. Other good friend called in to check what were we doing during the long weekend and if we could go somewhere nice.  He was not happy to learn that we are already in Colley Hill and it will take another 3-4 hours for us to be back in London. We invited him to join in for breakfast at Colley Hill and he arrived in Colley hill with his beautiful wife for the; HAPPEN-TO-BE THE BREAKFAST of the YEAR! I literally mean it… FAN-TA-STICK-OOOOO!!!

We have had no idea about this country pub. I think we were BIT lost in the forest and we were trying to find our way out, when I discovered this: I thought to myself it has to be special something and guess what I pulled all of them to have breakfast in there. What a lovely breakfast/Brunch we had!!!

We looked at the very extensive menu in awe. All of the staffs were smartly dressed and very attentive (in exception of the grumpy manager). The food was exceptional and service second to none. I have for years never wanted to leave a tip in many pubs/ restaurants, but this place is on another level. If I have friends/family visiting me in the near future (quite likely my parents and sisters will be here soon) - there is no doubt I’ll take them over to this authentic English country pub.

Built in 1532 the Sportsman used to be used as a stop off for the Royal family when out hunting. Situated on the edge of Walton Heath, Lower Kingswood the venue was sensitively renovated in August 2008. It is in a unique location, at the end of Mogador road, just off the A217, Lower Kingswood. It benefits from no through traffic. The Sportsman is very well known for its fantastic outside garden areas which can seat up to 150 people. Car Park for 60 cars. Due to a superb country location The Sportsman is perfect for dog walkers, horse riders, runners, cyclists and families.

I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! What is my rating – you bet – it is 4.5 / 5. You got to try to believe this. I just loved the whole experience. Now it’s your turn!

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