Theory of Co-existence!

09 NOV, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Some days, we wake up and feel that we just can't do anything/anymore. We feel that we are not good enough, we don’t have what it takes, within us, - so we can't and we shouldn’t be bothered; as it is all too much. There are other days when we feel we are rock stars and we can solve/manage any challenges of life, big-bigger-or even biggest. We say “Bring it on!”, we rise to the challenge.

My question for us: which one is real us? Is it only we or other too experience this duality? Cleaver question! Not really. This is something which is not as complex as it seems. It does not take rocket science to see what is appropriate. If we select “attachment”; we will continue to experience the pain “How can I/we not be good enough, while others are?”. And if select “integrity”; we will continue to smile “We are all human and all of us go through this experience, without a single exception!”.

Answer is: as long as we are human, both the feelings has always been, will always co-exist, irrespective of our status, profession, richness or whatever we choose to compare. Let’s profit from knowing this, which it truly right.

It is Sunday and its time for listening to my favourite celestial beauty of music; here it is: