Theory of Magnetism!

24 JUL, 2016
by Bikash Mohanty

Some people bring the most magnificent relief to life's daily drudgeries. We appreciate these people because they radiate positivity, humor or give off a pleasant feel-good factor. We want to be surrounded by such people and, generally, they want to be surrounded by people who make them feel good for doing what they do naturally; as well. This is not something new; that I am trying to recommend us today. This has always been there…in the form of a law of universe. We get attracted to people who make us positive and run away from them who take it all down from us consistently.

People say “I love you” in different ways. Such as: Eat Something, Do up your seat belt, I bought something tasty for you, Go sleep, Have some fries, I'll buy it for you, I have painted something for you, Wear something warm, it is cold out there. Essentially all these mean that we care for the others and hence we love them. These are implied truth but not implicit. If the message is for an individual; it has to be implicit. If it for the mass; it can be generic. That is the law. Our message will received by the others well; when it also contains factors “what they want to receive” and “how they want to receive”.

In any sort of relationship; whether business or personal; they say that we must need to be friends first. That’s correct. We can’t have a sustained business with others; if we are not good friends with them. Well; there is no point having friendship with someone for a wrong reason and mistaken objective. But I want to add a small twist to it. We can’t have sustained friendship; if we didn’t respect the person at the first place. We should be able to respect the person first; (naturally not forcibly with an objective) before we can have a honest friendship with them and when we have a honest friendship with them; we can have an honest relationship with them; whether business or personal. It is natural for us to like different things and each of the other people will have different qualities for us to like or dislike. Neither we, nor the other person; nor the prospective situation therefore can be generalised. Each person and the situation can provide a unique opportunity for us to like or dislike. Respect springs logically when we naturally like/appreciate/adore something or someone for who they are already not by changing them.

Hindi word “Hum” translates to “I or us”. If used inappropriately; can be misunderstood as “one’s ego”. And the Hindi word “Tum” translates to “You or Yours”. If used inappropriately; can be misunderstood as “pointing finger at others”. Both; Ego and Pointing fingers at others are barred in the codes of effective communication. There is no value in a communication, which is difficult to apprehend; convoluted to process and torturous to relish. If we want others to listen to us; our communication must be simple, sweet, approachable and full of compassion. Nothing more; nothing less.

That’s all I want to pass on to you all beautiful people out there. Let’s be a person in other’s life what we expect them to be in ours. Let’s look for virtues/people who we can respect naturally. Lets be implicit in our communication with others; and our communication must be simple, approachable and full of compassion. What will it do? Why it is necessary? It will make us a magnet… a magnet which will attract equal behaviour from the opposite direction.  That’s what we want, right? That’s what we will have…trust. We can bring more than a ray of sunshine to other's world now. They'll appreciate it and we'll feel better for doing so, too. Value must be added/given first; before it can be received back. Investment, continuous care & an honest intension to succeed; are necessary for any business to make profit. We don’t start to make profit from the ideas or imagination.

With that thought; I want to leave you with a bright and magnificent Super Sunday today. Please enjoy the day and remember to carry your SMILE all day long; it’s warm out there. That’s help to cool it down.