There are two sides to every story...!!!

18 JAN, 2015
by Bikash Mohanty

Some people say Money is what makes the world go round. Others say love is the life of this whole existence. We all make day to day choices and big life decisions based on our economic and cultural experiences. Where and how we live in the world helps define who we are. But what if we were born somewhere else?

Money and love are both just the by-product of a belief system. It depends on what or who do we believe in. Believing in those choices in the past got us to the position where we are today. In course of our life, ideas and feelings change dramatically as new developments challenge old preconceptions.

Moment we stop believing - we would no longer be here in this position, in short time…will not take long for sure. What shall we believe in? Everything is relative. Much depends on how we choose to see it. There are two sides to every story...