Trusting other = Trusting life!

14 JUN, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

We spend much of our life analysing what is right and what is wrong. From whatever life we have lived so far; it can be observed that not all our friendships lasted forever and nor are all animosity has continued till date. These friendships and animosities were lost somewhere on our path to the present state of life. We argue one day and agree the next. Even the most monstrous misdeed can ultimately be forgiven if a desire to move on is strong and sincere enough on both sides. So it is worth really to get caught up in the way things used to be in the past? Because the name of the evolved past is present. No? Ha-ha-ha!

As a kid, even today I don’t know what I want to eat, BUT I still manage to eat, every time.  We all do this, don’t we? How do we achieve this? Well… the same approach needs to be used in life when we live in a world, which is full of people who can’t be trusted for one reason or the other. Like a bad meal isn’t the end of the world; SIMILARLY Keep exploring and trying new things will eventually teach us what we like. Then we can have more of what we like and less of what we don’t like. Is n’t that what we want in our life?

Shall I tell us a secret? How about we try things at time, KNOWINGLY that we’d not like or enjoy? I don’t know about others but I know what I do not like to try. May be a glass of goat milk or goat cheese? Yeeeeeeew! What else? Hot dogs may be! I know I know some people love it. Even my son loves it.

To overcome trust issues with people, we need to dig into our relationship with life itself. Do we trust life? Do we feel this is a safe place? Do we believe we’re here for a reason? Do you feel that life is guiding us through a series of challenges to help you grow? Do we feel that life rewards us for trusting it? Or do you distrust life? Do we stick to our comfort zone, throw up our safeguards, and decline the challenges that are right in front of you?

Trusting life is a choice, and it’s a creative choice as well. Our choice creates our reality. If we choose to trust life in the deepest possible way, we’ll eventually reframe every life experience to reinforce this trust. Our most painful setbacks will become growth lessons. Finding our path with a heart will become mandatory, not optional.

Even where doors have been firmly shut today, there is now a chance that they may still open in future . If we believe that a good outcome is possible, we may yet make valuable progress with life and friendship.  Name of the game is TRUST!

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