What Got You Here; Wont Get You There!

16 MAY, 2015
by Bikash Mohanty

My childhood friend and I were chatting recently about how India has changed since we were children. He remembered, as a little boy, watching poor men pulling rickshaws in the streets, and constantly being abused/yelled/even beaten by customers for driving too slow. When he questioned, his mother consoled him saying, 'there is nothing we can do about this.' But in today's world, such an offensive act would have some (not yet all) passer-by reaching for their mobile phone to call the authorities to lodge a complain. Attitudes do adjust, principles do develop but it all happens a little more slowly than we might wish. Never mind the sluggishness, encouraging changes keep coming to our life, always. And it will continue to…how much we can see in our life time is the question!!! No?

Lets related the above with weather forecast ….hmmm…let's have a quiz instead, is that all right? What comes after the rain? And when comes after the darkest hours of the night?  We know the answers and there is perhaps a reason why we know them. That’s because from a very early age we have been made to equip with attitudes, to cope with life's stresses and strains, by remembering that these situations in our life are invariably seasonal or cyclical. And they are, aren't they? Let’s try recalling a worst situation which remained forever in our life, without being surpassed by another superior/beautiful experience? Everything will move on, eventually, including us…who are sitting here, analysing this topic right now.

That’s not fair, we say! What’s the point if it changes for good, after our life time? What’s there for us now? They say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only clothing that is inappropriate for the climate.” Life is uncomfortable when we expect too much out of it…imagine ourselves overdressed for the summer or underdressed for the cold. We’ll feel miserable if we had gone after the weather forecast in the television channels and it went wrong. Well how about, we don’t listen to weather forecast at all, we make our judgements about weather forecast… i.e. we shall deliberately wear outfits that would be suitable for the weather we wished we were likely to experience? Advantage?: we have nothing / no-one to blame and we have zero expectation and we learnt a new skill, that is up in the market, which is called? RISK-TAKING or something?

It’s again, that time of the week, I generally share my favourite song for the week and this week, without an exception I do have a song. Here it is. Before I publish it, a lil bit of background about this song...I heard this song quite adequately, mostly while travelling with my friends, in their respective cars, during my recent trip to India. Those beautiful friends, kept guessing the meaning of the line “chadariya jhini re jhini” . Some derived an abusive meaning, some derived a romantic meaning, and some derived a wild meaning and others? I mean others, those who are not so intelligence as my friends above but rather so imaginative? Those imaginative ones sang…. Jab Baag Mein Koi Phool Khila Toh Bhanvre Ne Kaha; chadariya jhini re jhini...Parvat Pe Chhayi Kaali Ghata Toh Boli Hawaa; chadariya jhini re jhini...”

Its too hot outside…PLEASE carry your SHADES wherever you go and together with it… A handful of your beautiful smiles…because that is the most important thing, which will get you up there…not what got to up here. Have a fabulous weekend. :)