What is true wealth then?

07 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Someone called me this evening, asking me whether I have some spare time to make some quick money…big money…a BMW within a month, a holiday home in Hawaii within a year, so on, so forth…I asked her; have you got that yet? She said she will get some one to speak to me with more details, over next couple of days.

People say, 'Time is money.' And others think 'Money is power.' But why do any of us actually want power? Surely because, we only want safety. We just imagine that if we had money we could achieve this, achieve that, manipulate things and control so much more over. 

All who seek/try for attaining greater prosperity; gain an opportunity to attain it. But money, as all wise souls know, is false and fickle. True wealth can only ever come to those who understand this.  What is true wealth then?

  1. That it is: to use our time to gain more power over ourselves, not on others!
  1. Through which comes opportunities to gain more self-knowledge, more self-mastery, and more mindfulness…more bliss!