Clean Water Management

Water is critical for survival and it is considered a limited resource. Once that resource has been depleted, it will need to be replenished. If the natural resources are not available, water will have to be purchased, and most likely at a premium price. There are parts of India that have already experienced lack of potable water and it was necessary to implement water saving actions.

There is an answer to every problem and the most obvious answer to lack of water is saving and storing rain water. With continuing development, global warming and population advancing in numbers, the shortage of water will not get better on its own. There is a predicted water crisis in the near future and the time to begin preparation to remedy the situation is now.

By the year 2030, the projected volume of water to take care of the population is about 1,498 billion cubic meters of water, but only half that will be generated. A vast majority of the water used is in food production which means without sufficient water, food production will decrease, causing possible food shortages.

Smile Charitable Trust will put forth an initiative to support a water management program, along with the necessary education to understand the urgency of such an undertaking.