Spreading Awareness and Knowledge

In most areas of India, there is the capital culture that has a strong hold on a portion of the population, where the wealth stays within its designated group and the rich become richer while the disadvantaged and the poor remain in their own circle and are never able to crack the circle of wealth and privilege.

This creates such an imbalance within society that keeps everyone in their own box. The poor are not allowed, or even able to compete for their basic needs while the wealthy keeps the wealth within its own circle. Competition is always a good thing, but there must be a level playing field for that to happen. India will only prosper as an entire nation if growth and prosperity is allowed to flourish at all levels and all people have the same opportunity.

Smile Charitable Trust will soon launch an educational and informational program to enlighten the disadvantaged and poor of their rights. They will be given the tools to advocate for their rights and become a successful citizen of the world. They will learn the fine art of survival and how to create better opportunities for themselves. As the poor and disadvantaged better their standing in life they will be better equipped to help give others the stepping stones necessary for a better life.