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  • Jaisa Desh, Waisa Bhesh - Business model

    May 24, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    In business when they have to make competitive decisions, they often justify themselves with the phrase, 'That's business'. In business, nobody can afford to be too elastic or too soft. That’s if business is capital oriented. How about if it is charitable or religious or spiritual type? Those same people, who were involved shrewdly in capital oriented businesses; will perform acts of supreme generosity and self-sacrifice; with charitable or religious or spiritual type of Business,. Example: Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Microsoft Corporate. Two different types of Business, same owners and different standards apply for these different types of business.

    Consumers have equal contribution in making price/demand elasticity curve bend either ways. If Sachin Tendulkar or Shahrukh Khan has endorsed a product, that makes the product successful, not so much its price, design, or ingredients in it. Other day I was listening to this song and remembered how many time this song was forwarded to me via email, SMS, Whatsapp etc, in last two-three years. Why? Because it is Sachin Tendulkar's favourite song apparently. See, this song of 1950s finds popularity in current age group, very instantly, soon as it is associated with a celebrity life-style.

    The song goes like this; “Gum aur Khusi ka faaarrrk mehsoosh na ho jahan....mein dil ko ush mukaaam pe leta chala gaya.....Har fitrrrrrrrrrrr ko dhuen (Khane mein uda ta - in our case) mein uda ta chala gaya... “. Very meaningful song it is; “Gum aur Khusi ka faaarrrk mehsoosh na ho jahan....” - “The state of mind where we can’t differentiate between happiness and sadness. That is the direction I drove my heart towards...”

    Jitna bada pain, utna bada opportunity bada ban-ne ka. Na Gandhiji ko laat padta, na unke upaar log thukte, na unko train se dhaka marke nikaal diya jata unke mann mein junoon bharta Bapu ban-ne ka. Auur jahan dukh aur sukh ka pharak khatam Hota hey...thik wahin se mahatma ban-ne ka patla sa rasta suru Hota hai! Aur hum mahatma baney aur nathuram, yeah chayan sirf hamara hey. Lucky are those, who were granted such accute opportunity (not pain) by God to become bapu like, big, bigger than other normal beings.

    In Business theories, models are very important. These models are only remembered if we give them some kind of name and that’s how they will be remembered for the generations to come. One such business model can be: “Jaisa Desh, Waisa Bhesh”. In English; “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. How about we find a name for this business model? Say; “Jaisa Desh, Waisa Bhesh model” or “JDWB model”? How does that sound? And if I simplify this model, all it is telling us is: NO SINGLE RULE; HOLDS TRUE FOR ALL SITUATIONS. Na; that’s not all – other important link is missing, which will come from Gandhiji and Sachin Tendulkar story above and that will complete the sentence. Let’s do it.

    NO SINGLE RULE; HOLDS TRUE FOR ALL SITUATIONS; UNLESS ADVERTISED BY SACHIN TENDULKAR OR PAINFULLY EXPERIENCED BY MAHAMTMA GANDHI! Bapu taught us to exercise nonviolence in all situations and Sachin taught us to use “It’s my choice – and yours?” in all state of affairs.

    And my favourite song for this weekend is… as usual, a beautiful concoction of contemporary and classical. Here we go. Hope it puts you into the dreamland… Goodnight! :)

  • What Got You Here; Wont Get You There!

    May 16, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    My childhood friend and I were chatting recently about how India has changed since we were children. He remembered, as a little boy, watching poor men pulling rickshaws in the streets, and constantly being abused/yelled/even beaten by customers for driving too slow. When he questioned, his mother consoled him saying, 'there is nothing we can do about this.' But in today's world, such an offensive act would have some (not yet all) passer-by reaching for their mobile phone to call the authorities to lodge a complain. Attitudes do adjust, principles do develop but it all happens a little more slowly than we might wish. Never mind the sluggishness, encouraging changes keep coming to our life, always. And it will continue to…how much we can see in our life time is the question!!! No?

    Lets related the above with weather forecast ….hmmm…let's have a quiz instead, is that all right? What comes after the rain? And when comes after the darkest hours of the night?  We know the answers and there is perhaps a reason why we know them. That’s because from a very early age we have been made to equip with attitudes, to cope with life's stresses and strains, by remembering that these situations in our life are invariably seasonal or cyclical. And they are, aren't they? Let’s try recalling a worst situation which remained forever in our life, without being surpassed by another superior/beautiful experience? Everything will move on, eventually, including us…who are sitting here, analysing this topic right now.

    That’s not fair, we say! What’s the point if it changes for good, after our life time? What’s there for us now? They say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only clothing that is inappropriate for the climate.” Life is uncomfortable when we expect too much out of it…imagine ourselves overdressed for the summer or underdressed for the cold. We’ll feel miserable if we had gone after the weather forecast in the television channels and it went wrong. Well how about, we don’t listen to weather forecast at all, we make our judgements about weather forecast… i.e. we shall deliberately wear outfits that would be suitable for the weather we wished we were likely to experience? Advantage?: we have nothing / no-one to blame and we have zero expectation and we learnt a new skill, that is up in the market, which is called? RISK-TAKING or something?

    It’s again, that time of the week, I generally share my favourite song for the week and this week, without an exception I do have a song. Here it is. Before I publish it, a lil bit of background about this song...I heard this song quite adequately, mostly while travelling with my friends, in their respective cars, during my recent trip to India. Those beautiful friends, kept guessing the meaning of the line “chadariya jhini re jhini” . Some derived an abusive meaning, some derived a romantic meaning, and some derived a wild meaning and others? I mean others, those who are not so intelligence as my friends above but rather so imaginative? Those imaginative ones sang…. Jab Baag Mein Koi Phool Khila Toh Bhanvre Ne Kaha; chadariya jhini re jhini...Parvat Pe Chhayi Kaali Ghata Toh Boli Hawaa; chadariya jhini re jhini...”

    Its too hot outside…PLEASE carry your SHADES wherever you go and together with it… A handful of your beautiful smiles…because that is the most important thing, which will get you up there…not what got to up here. Have a fabulous weekend. :)

  • The curious Verdict!

    May 9, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    Today I was listening to Christano Ronaldo, remember the "Ballon D'ore" . Nice hunk hey, girls? The best football player in the world today!!! Was do we think of him? Brat, Grumpy, full of ego, full of attitude - right? No exception, I included until today, when I saw him answering questions with a tearful eyes. Apparently he has donated £5m fund to Nepal earthquake relief activities. How unlikely!!! Going by his personality we'd imagine he'll be least bothered with what happens in Nepal, right? The guy also said it is unfair for people to judge him by his facial expression on the pitch. He said he knows he looks serious all the time but without it, he would not be able to stay focussed and score 60+ goals in each season, every season and win major trophies for his club every year. Does he sound convincing? What do you think guys? Na....right ?

    Every year thousands of people die near the border line of Indian-Pakistan or India-China. Do we have any Chinese or Pakistani friends? I do. In my professional circle. Many. Some are extremely good friends. They say exactly same thing as we say at our end. Indian or Indian soldiers intruded into our territory and we just were cleaning them out. What do you do when a thief gets into your house, they ask, just like us? So guys who do we believe ? Their story or our story. Any guess? Simple enough. We believe our side of the story and they believe their side of the story. We do not believe each other's story. My Chinese friends claim, Chinese can never do anything wrong. For them everything belonged once to Chinese empire. They even claim Japan belongs to them!!! How on earth, only they know! Apparently the Japanese king once send the best Chinese intellectual people from his kingdom to go find Amrit in the ocean, so that he can drink it and become immortal. These best intellectual Chinese, who went in search of Amrit, didn't come back. Now it seems they stayed back in the middle of the ocean and formed Japan there. That was Chinese part of the story. My other Pakistani friend said this to me when I passed my chartered accounting paper. Listen carefully now. It’s of no use for me to pass chartered accounting papers. He said you stand in Pakistan Street and throw a stone; the person it will hit on head, is a chartered account. Ab bolo?!!! Chartered accountants are selling at the price of potato and tomato it seems in Pakistan. Listen further. This guy also said; he was about to study chartered accounting but stopped it for SOME reason. His brother did, friend did, this did, that did …but it's just that he could not do it for that silly SOME reason, which he can’t remember. Now; tell us. What the price of these stories? Same as potato or tomato or even that of Salt and Sugar?

    Few little examples I have given above. And that tells me something, whether we agree or not . First; it’s not good to be judgemental. And second is to believe these stories with a pinch of salt. No? Agree or still disagree?

    Now compare these back to the heavily trending Salman Khan Story. It is very very very SAD what happened. A vehicle ran over poor people sleeping on the street. Loss is immense. These people come from very very poor villages from Rural India to earn little money, so that they can look after their big families back in their villages. Their loss is immense and irreparable.

    Now what about Salman Khan!!!??? So many things we say about the man. Miserably drunk, woman beating, animal hunting, drugged out, law-abusing son of a rich dad...what not! So? Who is saying all these? Those who are blaming Salman Khan for all these; are they clean themselves from all these disgraceful habits? Batao. Batao?

    An accident took place at wee hours of the night. People were sleeping at the accident spot i.e. on the road, because it was perhaps sleepable...I mean quite, dark, soon-Shan etc etc. it was quite, dark and sleepable place and people were sleeping in their deep sleep. Right? Accident took place and the accident making vehicle of Salman had three people in it, perhaps four. Driver, Body Guard, Kamaal Khan & Salman Khan. So these four people came out of the car after the accident, either through the right door, if the car was steady or through a wrong door if the car was unsteady or tilted. I am assuming pretty quickly they must have come out. Right ? So were there people (claiming themselves to be eyewitnesses) up so late in the night, in the middle of the road with torch and candle in their hand waiting for the accident to happen and them to recognise Salman Khan? Please explain to me. I have a basic question. Why Kamaal Khan has not been interviewed during the entire course of this judgement? He was inside the car; he had more chance to know the actual story than any made up story. He definitely knows who was driving the car, in contrast to people who were eye-witnesses of the accident! How can a judgement be complete without listening to Kamaal khan? By God’s grace he is alive today and capable of attending the court. That tells me something - the judgement was not based on complete information at the first place. Yes, Salman Khan should be convicted, punished if he is found guilty based on complete information.

    At times; I think Salman Khan is victim of his own celebrity status. May be what he is saying is correct. Mind you; I am saying MAY BE! We don't have CCTV footage here to prove it otherwise. Why can't he have his democratic rights to prove his innocence? Why should we jump the gun all the time and act like we are the judges ourselves? What we know about this accident or the matter or even about Salman Khan? Nothing or very little ? Salman Khan knows what  he is doing. I do not know whether he was driving or it was his driver or even Kamaal Khan was driving.

    If we bring up that LOC story I mentioned above about India-Pakistan-China; we only choose to believe stories based on who we like, what we see in our own pair of eyes or is based on who is more close to our heart or based on the distance of our relation with the person, community, country or whatever it may be we are comparing. It is apparent that some people believe today Salman Khan is innocent and some believe the opposite. Fair enough. A ll I am saying is; we must allow Salman Khan to fight is battle. That is his basic democratic right. We are not going to support Salman Khan knowingly if he is guilty. Never. We should encourage Salman Khan; only if he knows he is innocent and that he is trying to prove here. Let's accept for a moment; Salman knows he is guilty and he is STILL spending big money to hide the fact; I am rest assured, there is a BIGGER COURT up there, which he can not escape, he will fall apart, if he is truly guilty. Let the justice take its own course. 

    Now; shall we give him a chance to prove his innocence or be more judgemental everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of his life miserable from now until next judgement? Let's imagine what must be going to his mind, if he really innocent and he had to go through all these for 13 years without a choice. Salman Khan is a lucky guy, not because high court has dismissed the punishment order of the lower court; but because he has money today to fight his battle, if he is really innocent. Imagine there are so many innocent people out there, who can’t fight their legal battle due to lack of money and accept the judgement any how, without a choice. Let's not be judgmental, all I am saying. Justice must take its own course, but it better be right at the end. That’s all we want.

    At the same time, let’s pray for the people who lost their life in that accident and hope their family members get justice for their loss. Guess what, I am pretty sure they will.

    Sleep very tight tonight. Tomorrow is another day, perhaps only day between the end of the weekend and start of the griping Monday. Before you go to bed tonight, let me make you listen to one my favourite songs from recent time…will make you fall back into deep sleep surely… Good night friends. Subhratri :)

  • The National Role-Model of India!

    Jan 28, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    A role model is a person whose behaviour, example, or success is or can be emulated by others. The ever-widening reach of the media in popular culture has elevated certain celebrities to worldwide acclaim. This boom of media coverage and constant exposure to these individuals resulted in a change of mindset toward celebrities in both adults and youth alike.

    Amitabh Bachchan is the number one role model in India - ahead of Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan! So says a survey conducted by Indicus Analytics, ranking Bachchan above all the other celebrities who figure in the Top 10 list of role models, including A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Dhirubhai Ambani.

    Having shared the same birth date as him, I have always been curious towards Mr Bachchan since my childhood. Quite unlikely! Considering gap of a generation between us. He has influenced and impacted lives of all Indians, for last four generations, - as a dutiful/respectful son; as a affectionate/caring father; as a responsible citizen of our country and as the great ambassador of our nation/culture/ our civilization; in real-life and reel-life.

    Today a long cherished childhood dream has came true; a DREAM to see/meet Mr. Bachchan in person. I was in the audience today to see, meet and listen to Mr.Bachchan in BBC’s program “In Conversation with Amitabh Bachchan” in London. I don't think my appreciation for him, has anything to do with his huge stardom. My Appreciation for him ignites from my curiosity to understand how a man of such stature, can be so down-to-earth, gratified, balanced and polite!!! That is why he is our national role-model.

    Two lines from his age old movies are very very popular amongst his fans, myself included.

    • One is from Film “Agneepath”, which goes like this: “Kishi shale bhediye ko bolo, mere MAA, mere BEHEN ke taraph ankh utha key dekhe! Dekhehga shala? Nahin Dekhega. Hayein?”.
    • Other is from movie "Kaalia", which goes like this: “Hum kisike ke piche khade nhi hote. Hum jahan khade hote hain line wahin se shuru hoti hai.”

    It may appear these two dialogues can only be delivered by some/one goon or villainous type personality. But I always say, there are two sides to every story and in my side of the story, here are the meanings of these two golden lines from Amitabh Bachchan movies in English.

    • I am dutiful and responsible for the well being of my MOTHER & my SISTER – no odd can get through to them without dealing with me first.
    • I am not following anyone, I don’t need to. I try to be unique, with my every move. I try to set and follow my rules, rules backed up by ethics and principles. I am not competing with others. I compete within myself constantly to excel. I am my own competition. I don’t stand in any other queues for competing with others.

    WAIT WAIT; LET ME TRY: “Kishi shale bhediye ko bolo, mere MAA, mere BEHEN, mera BETA Rishi  (my personal touch here) ke taraph ankh utha key dekhe! Dekhehga shala? Nahin Dekhega. Hayein?”.

    I am talking gibberish now. Ha-ha. Its time to go to bed. I am still intoxicated by the charms of one my THREE role-models in life…Lord Mahadev, my Grandfather and Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Good-night friends!

  • More we Breathe, Better we Feel!

    Jan 25, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    In my yoga classes, the teacher often mentioned “Pratanjali” at the beginning and end of the classes, to bow our heads down with gratitude towards the originator of the Yoga Sutra, which is the guidebook of classical yoga. Written at least 2000 years ago, it’s made up of 195 aphorisms (sutras), or words of wisdom. But I never heard about Patanjali, the person who supposedly compiled these verses of Yoga? Like many tales about the world’s spiritual heroes, the story of Patanjali’s birth has assumed mythic dimensions. One version relates that in order to teach yoga on earth, he fell from heaven in the form of a little snake, into the upturned plans (a gesture known as anjali) of his virgin mother, Gonika, herself a powerful yogini. Here he’s regarded as an incarnation of the thousand-headed serpent-king named Remainder (Shesha) or Endless (Ananta), whose coiled body forms the throne on which Lord Vishnu is reclining. Thus, this snake is worshipped by Hindus as it is the seat of Lord Vishnu, who is one of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism.

    Another version which I believed from my childhood is, based on the stories I heard from my grandparents: Lord Shiva is the God of Yoga, God of Music, God of Dance, God of Knowledge, God of Patience, God of Simplicity, God of Moderation, God of Fairness, the God who protect us and destroys all evil power. Dance is an important art form in India, and Shiva is believed to be the master of it. He is often called the Lord of Dance. The rhythm of dance is a metaphor for the balance in the universe which Shiva is believed to hold so masterfully. The upper right hand of lord Shiva holds damaru which is a musical instrument that produces rhythmic sounds. It is suggestive of the sound of breath, the sound of life, the vibrations underlying all currents of creation and manifestation. It also represents the vibrations that arise from our thoughts, emotions, mental activity, movement of senses and the very universe in which many lively creatures continue their existence till then find an escape to merge again with the creator.

    It is even more heart-warming to appreciate that these yogic steps originated many thousands of years ago, are found to be useful to us living at this point in time, across this world.

    Prana is the Sanskrit word for "life force"; in yoga, the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe. The universal principle of energy or force, responsible for the body's life, heat and maintenance, prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe. This life energy, prana, has been vividly invoked and described in all Indian holy books, ancient scripts. Prana and vayu are considered interconnected. According to Sanskrit vayu (air) is essential for prana (life) to exist. The Pranayama (Practice of breathing) therefore helps us to live comfortably, peacefully and happily.

    Our mind distracts us to breathe. We forget we breathe with our non-stop 60,000 mental activities a day. More we breathe, better we feel. Yoga emphasises moderation in everything we do, but it also urges us to work effectively and achieve perfection in whatever we do. Achieving perfection in our desired field will lead us to realise our goals in life / purpose of our life. Something to remember on this beautiful Sunday :)  Have a wonderful week ahead and a relaxing rest of the day.


  • There are two sides to every story...!!!

    Jan 18, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    Some people say Money is what makes the world go round. Others say love is the life of this whole existence. We all make day to day choices and big life decisions based on our economic and cultural experiences. Where and how we live in the world helps define who we are. But what if we were born somewhere else?

    Money and love are both just the by-product of a belief system. It depends on what or who do we believe in. Believing in those choices in the past got us to the position where we are today. In course of our life, ideas and feelings change dramatically as new developments challenge old preconceptions.

    Moment we stop believing - we would no longer be here in this position, in short time…will not take long for sure. What shall we believe in? Everything is relative. Much depends on how we choose to see it. There are two sides to every story... 

  • Happy Makar Sankranti 2015!

    Jan 14, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival which is celebrated in almost all parts of India. This festival marks the transition of Sun into the Makara Rashi (Capricorn) which is a zodiac sign. It is also believed that it marks the spring in India which is a traditional event. Makar Sankranti is celebrated on January 14, 2015. This festival is also regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase for Indian culture. This festival marks the beginning of longer days as compared to nights.

    The International Kite Festival also takes place in Gujarat India today. The festival is called Uttarayan. Although the idea of flying kites to celebrate Uttrayan was introduced by Muslims from Persia, today regardless of background or beliefs, people from all over India fly kites.

    Meethe gur mein mil gaye til,Udi patang aur khil gaye dil,Har pal sukh aur har din shaanti,Aap sab ke liye laaye Makar Sankranti.  Happy Makar Sankranti, everyone!

  • Importance of asking questions!

    Jan 11, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    Children learn by asking questions. Students learn by asking questions. New recruits learn by asking questions. Innovators understand client needs by asking questions. It is the simplest and most effective way of learning. People who think that they know it all no longer ask questions – why should they? Brilliant thinkers never stop asking questions because they know that this is the best way to gain deeper insights. Questions are the best way to gain deeper insights and develop more innovative solutions.

    The great philosophers spend their whole lives asking deep questions about the meaning of life, morality, truth and so on. We do not have to be quite so contemplative but we should nonetheless ask the deep questions about the situations we face. It is the best way to get the information we need to make informed decisions and for sales people it is the single most important skill they need to succeed.

    So why do so few people utilize them? Why don’t we ask questions? If it is obvious that asking questions is such a powerful way of learning why do we stop asking questions?

    • For some people the reason is that they are lazy. They assume they know all the main things they need to know and they do not bother to ask more. They cling to their beliefs and remain certain in their assumptions – yet they often end up looking foolish.
    • Other people are afraid that by asking questions they will look weak, ignorant or unsure. They like to give the impression that they are decisive and in command of the relevant issues. They fear that asking questions might introduce uncertainty or show them in a poor light. In fact asking questions is a sign of strength and intelligence – not a sign of weakness or uncertainty. Great leaders constantly ask questions and are well aware that they do not have all the answers.
    • Finally some people are in such a hurry to get with things that they do not stop to ask questions because it might slow them down. They risk rushing headlong into the wrong actions.

    With almost all situations, we can check assumptions and gain a better appreciation of the issues by first asking questions. We can start with very basic, broad questions then move to more specific areas to clarify our understanding. Open questions are excellent – they give the other person or people chance to give broad answers and they open up matters.

    Lets take an example scenario, last week’s incident at paris: We express our sincere condolences to the families of those innocent people who lost their lives in last week’s terrorist attack at the office of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. This horrific attack on an independent media outlet is an attack against our values and our freedoms. We stand today in solidarity with the French people and its government as they seek to bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack. Examples of open questions are:

    • Why do we think “Paris shooting incident” has happened?
    • What all things that might have caused this incident?
    • What other possibilities should we consider?
    • Why it happened in Paris and not in other places in the west?
    • What role “France” is playing at the moment in global action against terrorism?

    As we listen carefully to the answers we formulate further questions. When someone gives an answer we can often ask, “Why?” The temptation is to plunge in with our opinions, responses, conclusions or proposals. The better approach is keep asking questions to deepen our comprehension of the issues before making up our mind. Once we have mapped out the main points we can use closed questions to get specific information. Closed questions give the respondent a limited choice of responses – often just yes or no. Examples of closed questions are:

    • Has it stopped now?
    • Is it safe to visit Paris now?
    • How many people died in that incident?
    • Has any terrorist organization claimed responsibility yet?
    • What have they said in their reasons for causing this?

    By giving the other person a limited choice of responses we get specific information and deliberately move the conversation forward in a particular direction.

    Asking many questions is very effective but it can make us appear to be inquisitorial and intrusive. So it is important to ask questions in a friendly and unthreatening way. Let’s not ask accusing questions. Let’s try to pose each question in a way and ensure that your body language is relaxed and amicable. Let’s not jab our finger or lean forward as we put our requests/questions.

    Happy Birthday to my best friend, who is celebrating his "19th Birthday" yet again.  Sunday is about to kick off and we should make ourselves comfortable with a special song and even more special cup-of-tea! Here we go:

  • Kar Shapath...Kar Shapath...Kar Shapath!

    Jan 4, 2015 by Bikash Mohanty

    Young individuals don't consider of themselves as immature. They operate, from a unexpectedly early on, as if they had forever been here, as if they have plenty of practice and as if they really don't need any assist or guidance. It is as we grow older that we become more taciturn, less positive and more willing to accept support from others. While they SAY “we should all try to remain young at heart”; there are times when a more grown-up attitude can definitely work in our support. We need to be adventurous , while being careful t his year and years to come…both these attitudes need to walk hand-in-hand! 2015 is about to kick-off. Let’s go…

    Everyday of our life, we struggle for freedom. What in our everyday life would we like to free ourselves from? Let’s figure out. Have we freed ourselves from something last year that we feel like celebrating? Struggles are never-ending but celebration at the end of each struggle makes the journey enjoyable.   Here is the famous poem written during the India’s freedom struggle days to inspire its fellow citizen.

    In Hindi…

    Vriksh hon bhale khade,

    Hon ghane, hoh bade,

    Ek patra chhah bhi

    Maang mat! Maang mat! Maang mat!

    Agneepath! Agneepath! Agneepath!


    Tu na thakega kabhi,

    Tu na thamega kabhi,

    Tu na mudega kabhi,

    Kar shapath! Kar shapath! Kar shapath!

    Agneepath! Agneepath! Agneepath!


    Yeh mahaan drishya hai,

    Chal raha manushya hai

    Ashru, swed, rakt se

    Lath-path, lath-path, lath-path,

    Agneepath! Agneepath! Agneepath!


    English Translation

    Even if there are mighty trees all around you,

    Let them be shady, let them be huge,

    But, even for the shade of a single leaf,

    Beg not, beg never, ask never!

    The path of fire you shall tread! The path of fire! Yes, That Path of Fire!


    You shall never tire,

    You shall never slow down,

    You shall never turn back,

    This oath you will take today!

    This oath you will fulfill in your life!

    Take this oath!

    And walk the Path of Fire, every single day!

    The oath of fire! Yes, That Path of Fire!


    What greater spectacle,

    Than to see such a man walk,

    Who in tears, sweat and blood,

    Is soaked, covered and coated;

    And still walks on in the Path of fire!

    Walks the path of fire! Yes, That Path of Fire!


    Goodnight, Subh-Ratri, Shabba Khair! 

  • Happy New Year - 2015!

    Dec 31, 2014 by Bikash Mohanty

    2014 is just about to end, has been quite a year so far! Traditionally the New Year is a time for making resolutions about things one can do better the next year. New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time of rebirth, the chance to start anew. We all come up with the regular resolutions for the upcoming year (losing weight, cost controlling, more travel, more work, seeing family more often and/or falling in love ), but often our ideas of what should change are too broad. This New Year’s Eve, we should all vow to take a closer look into our lives and make decisions about JUST ourselves then. Shall we?

    For me; I am turning complete vegetarian starting tomorrow! How exciting and second is: I want to reach to the TOP. Not financially but literally this time. I am talking about substantial height. I want to trek & trail to a very high point of a legendary mountain. What it is – I don’t know yet. But I know for sure it will be selected & accomplished in due course. Conquering the height is not an issue; journey must to be fresh in my mind forever.

    So what should be our New Year resolutions for 2015? These are the 15 New Year’s resolutions every person should make:

    1.    Travel-Travel-Travel. If we don’t have money, let’s look into doing charity work abroad. There will be some programs that will sponsor us.

    2.    If we hate our job, let’s quit our job. Let’s repeat: THE MONEY IS NOT WORTH IT. Food and shelter are clutch though, so let’s make sure we have another job lined up.

    3.    Let’s stop beating ourselves up for missing out on routines on days we truly didn’t find time. That’s ok. But lets not miss out on days, we have plenty of times.

    4.    Let’s free ourselves of enemies. Let’s apologize for what we did wrong and also forgive those who have wronged us.

    5.    Let’s free ourselves of “frenemies.” Let’s not spend 2015 surrounded by people we secretly despise. Let’s spend more time with those people, who make us feel good, energies us and have few good things to say about us.

    6.    Let’s make up with most — not to be confused with making out with an ex.

    7.    If we think somebody is good, let’s say so. Let’s say “hi” and introduce ourselves. Every relationship we have ever had started with a greetings.

    8.    Let’s leave our phone number for someone.  Let’s help strangers. “Pay it forward,” let’s do good things for the world. Regardless of the outcome, we put ourselves out there and probably made the other person’s day.

    9.    Let’s stop caring about how many people “like” us. Does not matter. It is enough to live knowing we at least truly like us.

    10.           It is perfectly OK to take something off our to-do-list. Sky dive, bungee jump, scuba dive, etc. Lets not make excuses any more as to why we can’t accomplish something. Everyone does not accomplish everything.

    11.           Let’s stop hating ourselves; let’s love ourselves. That’s only way, that others can appreciate us, love us. Let’s Cry. When we’re happy and when we’re sad; let’s embrace our emotions as they come. Let’s conquer a fear. Not all in one go; let’s tackle one at a time. Ask me to be on your side, if we need help. Any-time!

    12.           Let’s strengthen relationships with family members. Blood is thicker than water “any day”!

    1. Let’s switch our Smartphone for a normal phone. I am doing it in the New Year.

    14.           Let’s shop locally, eat locally and recognize where our money is going. Consumers control the economy, so let’s visit the shops; we want to survive for next generations.

    15.           Let’s not judge based on anyone’s appearance. It will be incorrect mostly.

    Before the golden sun sets, when 2014's calendar is destroyed, And mobile networks get jammed; I wish in 2015 our every moment is enjoyed thoroughly - HAPPY NEW YEAR!