Khallareswara Mandap

Initiative: Spiritualism
Location: Girigola, Odisha
Started: Spring 2013
Funding by: Smile Charitable Trust
Coordinator: Bikash Mohanty
Project status: COMPLETED

Shri Khallareswara temple is located in the Girigola village, also a close proximity to the Luna River, in the Kendrapara district of Odisha, which is about 60kms from the state capital Bhubaneswar. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the presiding deity over here. This is a very old temple and has got mention in many mythological/ancient holy books.

Right now, most people are involved with the five sense organs and that seems to be the only truth, nothing else. If we see the physical existence as a fabric, then we can say we are living on the fabric of the physical. We are walking on this cloth and what we are walking on is all that is real. When we look up, there seems to be a vast emptiness above, but even there you only recognize the physical. You look at the stars or the sun or the moon – this is all physical. We don’t perceive that what is not physical.

What we call a temple is like putting a hole in the fabric, creating a space where the physical becomes thin and something beyond becomes visible to us. This science of making the physical less manifest is the science of consecration, so that dimension beyond the physical becomes apparent or visible to us if we are willing. To take the analogy further, it is like the temple is a hole in the fabric of the physical, where we could fall through easily and go beyond.

The Khallareswara mandap construction project has exact objective in mind i.e. to create a space where people can gather, participate, discuss and contribute to spiritualism, as it used to happen in the past, before world became increasingly capitalistic or materialistic.