Smile Charitable Trust Website Terms of Use

The website Terms and Conditions is an agreement that is both legal and binding and made between Smile Charitable Trust and the website visitor. The Terms and Conditions govern the manner of website operation and its intended use.

By visiting Smile Charitable Trust website, the visitor agrees to follow the Terms and Conditions as noted herein. If the visitor does not agree to the Terms and Conditions, they are hereby advised not to access the website or terminate access if already there. By accessing or using any part of the website, or by registering for any interactive device such as making comments on a blog or receiving informational emails or participating in any other offerings, the visitor agrees they have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

A change in business practices or other circumstances may require changes to the Terms and Conditions be made to Smile Charitable Trust website. The Trust reserves the unequivocal right to change, revise or otherwise modify the website, the contents and the Terms and Conditions at any time. Any and all changes, revisions and modifications shall become effective immediately, or as soon as the website is refreshed and visitors are apprised of such changes, revisions or modifications.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to provide a service to visitors via Smile Charitable Trust website in a manner that is efficient and user friendly. If there are comments, concerns or questions about the Terms and Conditions, please contact the Smile Charitable Trust at …

Definition of a website user

The website and the information contained herein are available to individuals who are eligible to enter into a legally binding contract under the applicable and appropriate federal and local laws.  A website user is an individual over the age of consent. Minors are excluded from participating in any part of the website that is interactive in nature such as leaving comments on a blog, registering to receive emails or making a charitable donation.

A visitor becomes a website user when directed to the website by clicking on a link or entering the URL into a web browser.

Authorized and Unauthorized Use of the Website Content

The content contained on Smile Charitable Trust website is of proprietary nature and includes work that is copyrighted by the Trust, its partners or third party affiliates who have provided the content for the use of the Trust. Single copies of content may be downloaded or printed for the personal and sole use of the website visitor for non-commercial use. Content printed or downloaded may not be altered or revised and must contain any copyright and proprietary rights and notices contained on the document. Unauthorized or unapproved use of any content contained on the website shall constitute infringement of the copyright and the violator shall, under the international and domestic copyright laws and treaties, be subject to any and all criminal penalties

Personal Information

The definition of personal information is that information voluntarily given to Smile Charitable Trust and includes name, home or business address, email address, telephone number or any other information considered personal. All the information given to the Trust shall be true, accurate and not misleading or fraudulent; shall not be considered an infringement on any and all third party copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or any other proprietary rights or privacy; shall not violate any ordinances, statutes or laws or regulations; shall not defame or be unlawful, threatening or harassing; shall not contain cancel bots, time bombs, worms, Trojans or viruses that are designed to damage or be detrimental to the use of the website or the data and information contained within the website and shall not be created to increase liability for the organization or cause the organization to lose the ISP service.

Information and the Accuracy it represents

All information given to Smile Charitable Trust through any of the registration forms or through the donation process must be accurate, correct and complete. If the Trust discovers an omission or error in the information provided by the website user, the Trust may choose to terminate the right of the user to access or use the website in any manner. The user is solely responsible for any damages that may be incurred because of the omission or the submission of inaccurate information.

Intellectual Property

The content and interest in the website is owned by Smile Charitable Trust. The user may create a bookmark to the home page, but has no authority or permission to create any other link to the website without prior written permission. The Trust does not grant any other license or rights to the user, either applied or expressed are conveyed to the user in this agreement. The Trust, at its own discretion, may make available software that may facilitate the access to the site. The use and terms of use of such software will be identified and stated in a separate agreement or license that will be included with the software.  The user agrees to only use the software in the manner in which it was intended.

Damage to the Content of the Website

The user will agree no use of any automatic device such as a spider or robot will be used to monitor or copy the web pages and information without permission from Smile Charitable Trust. The user further agrees that no devise or software will be used to interfere, attempt or otherwise, with the working of the Trust website. The user also agrees not to impose a larger than normal load upon the infrastructure of the website by any extraordinary means taken when accessing or visiting the website. Most of the information contained on the website is updated in real time and is considered proprietary information or is licensed to Smile Charitable Trust or its third party affiliates. The user agrees not to reproduce, alter, copy, modify, or create a new or detrimental work or use in the public domain any content or information from the website without prior permission from Smile Charitable Trust or the third party.

Breach of Agreement

Smile Charitable Trust may issue a warning or temporarily, permanently or indefinitely suspend any subscription or membership established with the Trust for breach of this agreement. The Trust also reserves the right to terminate the agreement and/or the user’s right to visit the site at any time with or without just cause. The Trust further reserves the right to make changes to the site at any time with or without notice.

Privacy of Members and User’s

The privacy of our supporters is our highest priorities and we will never rent, sell, lease, loan, exchange, trade or barter or otherwise divulge the names, home or business addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses, or any contact information we collect. We will never rent, sell, lease, loan, exchange, trade or barter or otherwise divulge donation information such as credit or debit card information, banking or wire transfer information.

Warranty of Services

Smile Charitable Trust website is provided as is and is operated without any warranty and condition, implied, statutory or express. The Trust and any third parties will disclaim any and all implied warranties to any service or product.