All About Smile Charitable Trust

In order for society to grow and thrive, change must take place. That change must make things better, update what does not work, provide new and improved opportunities and address the issues that fail to empower the people.

Smile Charitable Trust was developed with all that in mind. The Trust is about empowering the less than fortunate children, youth and women of India with education, better living conditions, accessible and affordable medication for the ill and infirmed, employment and educational opportunities to help individuals and families grow.

Smile Charitable Trust is seeking donations to help their many causes succeed and build a society that will learn to help themselves and then help others.  An educated child becomes a self reliant and informed adult and that is one of the many building blocks it takes to build a better society, village and community. Helping others help themselves is one of the missions of the Trust.

Smile Charitable Trust is about preserving the future by repairing the present and rendering an all inclusive invitation to anyone who wants to be part of the solution. The best way to fix something that is broke is not only by identifying the problem, but by offering a solution and helping to facilitate that solution whenever possible. It is not enough to simply complain, but follow up that complaint with decisive action. That action can come in the form of a financial donation or sweat equity.

Getting involved, no matter how it is accomplished will bring about a sense of accomplishment and bring a wider audience to be informed about the events in need of repair. The children of India are the most import products and without the informed and educated children of today there will be no India tomorrow.

Smile Charitable Trust will work tirelessly to protect the rights of its people, especially the children. The trust will work for the development and survival of India’s most fragile and vulnerable lives with clean water, affordable medication, care for the senior citizens, educational and employment opportunities, spreading awareness about global warming and the impact it can have on all lives and opportunities for the elderly.

The Trust takes on the social issues of the day and develops solutions to improve the basic standard of living for the less fortunate of India. It provides a unique opportunity for anyone to be part of a successful team with the beneficiaries being the youngest, the oldest and everyone in between.

Smile Charitable Trust is about transforming villages, individuals and families into models of prosperity in the diverse areas that touch all lives. Making substantive changes within the country will set the standard for generations to come and provide the incentive to always work toward a higher objective.

By promoting self improvement, the quality of life will improve for all. The citizens of India will prosper and create the opportunities that will utilize their resources more efficiently. The Trust will also work to harness the natural and human resources to provide leadership and motivation for all.

Our Goals are simple:

  1. Clean Water Management
  2. Affordable and Accessible Medication
  3. Care for Elder Citizens
  4. Spreading Awareness and Providing Knowledge
  5. Global Warming Initiatives
  6. Employment Opportunities for the Disadvantaged