Affordable and Accessible Medication

The cost of medication is of concern all over the world, but especially in India. The production cost of most medications is far less than the selling price. There are also the generic brand drugs that are comparable to the brand name drug and have the same dosage, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics. Even though generic drugs are supposed to be less costly because of the branding, in India the medications are still quite costly because they are prescribed by a doctor and often times dispensed under its brand name rather than its generic name.

To combat the over pricing of medication and have better control over generic and brand name medications, the Smile Charitable Trust is moving forward with a plan to operate Fair Price Generic Medicine Shops around the less affluent areas of India. The program will also include education about generic drugs, what they are, how they work and the importance of choosing generic or brand name medications to best suit the needs and budget of the people of India.