Get Involved with the Smile Charitable Trust

It is easy to get involved with Smile Charitable Trust, by either a one time or continuing financial donation, sponsoring a fund raising event for the Trust and just spreading the word about the organization and the work it does by promoting the Trust with a link to its website and social media. 

The success of Smile Charitable Trust is based on the involvement of others. One person can effect change and a large number of people can affect large amounts of change. Each individual who becomes involved can be part of the catalyst that will allow the Trust to help the people of India evolve into a group of self reliant, educated and informed people that will provide the leadership of the future.

Through Smile Charitable Trust, each donor will be able to track the progress of the organization by always being informed via the Trust blog and newsletter.  Donors and interested parties will see the dollars at work and the assurance those dollars will be as hard working as the donors earning those dollars.

For anyone who wishes to become involved, it can be accomplished by making a donation through the secure payment system on the website and stay in touch through social media by Liking us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and YouTube and subscribe to our blog, newsletter and occasional News Blast.

Help spread the word about the organization by sharing how Smile Charitable Trust is effecting change and bringing hope to a new generation of its citizens and spread the word about the positive results that come about from the Smile Initiatives. Leave a comment on your Facebook page about Smile Charitable Trust and challenge others to check out the Smile Facebook and web page and challenge others to do the same.

This is the age of information and staying connected to Smile Charitable Trust is easier than ever. Anyone can stay involved and not leave the comfort of their home or office. Your help and involvement is needed to provide that all important stepping stone for those less fortunate and allow them to become part of the solution to building a better tomorrow.