Logic within illogical!

08 MAY, 2016
by Bikash Mohanty

A study says that there are over 5 million web pages related to astrology. It is estimated that about 38 million people spend approximately $44 billion annually on services related to astrology and future prediction. In Eastern world, approximate every household follows astrology. Brilliant!!! If we add together the industry pertaining to Godmen and Godwomen, it certainly would make it quite a sizable industry sector for benchmarking purposes. Some trillion dollar industry all together!!!

Certainly there is demand, hence is the supply. Demand was generated in the past and is being generated today, whether or not there is a genuine need. There are tools, mechanism, and campaigns available today to generate demand, whether it is for astrology industry or retail industry or financial/insurance industry. It is generated because there is willingness for both sides of the ecosystem to participate and transact.  

I wonder if astrologers can predict expectancy of their own life. Some will argue “Yes, they can” or “They had in the past” etc. Do I have a declaration to make? No. I don’t. Just curious. I confronted myself, how all these trusted supporters of astrology will make decision otherwise, in the absence of it, on a daily basis? What is right, what is wrong? How will they know?

Some of us think too much and rest? Rest of us take it easy and say “I don’t know”, “How’d I know”, “May be”, “It depends”. Which one is ideal? To think too much or not think at all. Society does put an emphasis on how we think & behave. I noticed my little boy is too sophisticated to avoid making a decision. He used to say “I don’t know”, “May be”, etc etc. I am getting him to practice to take a decision at the end of count up to 3. He challenges, “How’d I know that the decision he take at the end of count up to 3 is correct”. I assured him, “whichever choice comes into his mind naturally, without bias, without exercising what-if analysis is the choice need to be made at the end of count up to 3”. He asked me, “How sure am I about this judgement?” I replied he’d not loose much if he tried this for few months, say six months? I see he is practising it diligently. I like it. We shall see and hear about his observation.

When we think too much about something, we sometimes try to find logic within what is illogical. By allowing logic to be removed from a thought process and trusting what we feel is 'the right thing to do'; will alter our attitude towards life. Logics can be as good as personal opinion only. Everything must be tried, tested, experienced and ultimately altered further continuously. Change is the means of access to evolution process, which can not be blocked. If change must be allowed, how can there be a static “Logic” or “Theory” ever? What suits one, may not suit other and what suits one today, may not suit anyone few decades later.  We didn’t expect to experience, most of things we see around us today, we can not expect as well, what we are going to experience in couple of decades time from now.

It is the hope (not hype), which gets us going. It is the progression, (not accretion) that we must pursue. Let’s live illogically and let's allow everyone to complete their share of experience in their own terms. With that beautiful thought; I want to wish all of us a wonderful week ahead, God bless & Goodnight.