PRINCI - Spirito Di Milano!

05 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

When in Rome, do as Romans do. How about if; I want to do as Romans do, while in London? Well; then I go to Princi cafe and bar at SOHO, where Real Italian food served by Italians in an Italian-style setting. The look/feel of the place is just amazing and I just love spending some time here, either having a coffee or staying for lunch or dinner. Prices are little over the average, but for the quality of the food served, price is justified. This place is a real find, in a real long time.  Years ago when I was working around Oxford Street/Soho area; I had discovered this place while browsing roughly for a lunch bite. I was immediately struck by the lengthy glass cases of exquisite treats, contrasted by rough unpolished granite walls. All those linear and balanced long counters, perfectly symmetrical seating arrangements by the wall next to the fountains and along the floor!!!  A lot of careful thinking must have gone into Princi's design. The tables are set humbly back from the busyness round the counters and up beside the wall on the far side - there are little cascades and a bit of a marble look going on with elegant lights, to add to the mood around this area.

There are various food stations within this restaurant to pick out what we want (Desserts, salads, coffee, wines, main course, pizzeria, starters, smart foods etc). No matter, which food station you pick your food from; the food is always very appetizing. I have been to this restaurant both at night and during the day and wow what a difference!!! It’s fantastically relaxing in the day and crazy at night. Brilliant!!! Whether we talk about best desserts or best salads or best coffee or best wines or best pizza or best modern Italian food – Princi comes to my mind straight away; for its quality, beauty, culture, customer service and originality! I will pour in 5 out of 5; for this extremely gorgeous beauty “PRINCI”!!!

Here is your ticket to extreme Italian experience: