What goes in - Must come out!

19 SEP, 2014
by Bikash Mohanty

Environmental economists have a way of thinking about the world that extends the way most other economists think about the world. The total amount (weight) of what goes in must equal the total weight of what comes out. This is why it is called Materials Balance: in the long-run the environmental teeter-totter must balance. This is because, with the exception of nuclear reactions, matter is neither created nor destroyed. If it doesn’t come out in one form it must come out in some other form. Nothing is lost: production and consumption just change the form of things. Everything that is produced and consumed has it origins in the environment….is what they say!

Production is simply about rearranging of stuff. Energy is what allows the rearrangement. Factories take inputs, rearranging them to produce an array of commodities. Some of these commodities are valued by consumers, or other producers, so can be sold for a positive price. Producing these “market” commodities is why the firm is in business. But other less desirable commodities are produced as well. T he total weight of the inputs used by the producer must equal the total weight of the market goods and other emissions generated by the production process.


What we eat must burn out; by means of us doing work, hard work, exercise and whatever it may take for it to happen naturally. If we burn less than what we eat - those substance will continue to build up inside and make us FAT. If we burn more, then we become slimmer and if we burn the same as we eat, then we stay as we are. And none of those marketed deviant solutions can help us demolishing the build up inside, without damaging the working logic of our body parts.

Imagine; what’ll be the position of those fancy formulas of weight reduction – if we all try to understand this SIMPLE fact!!! Shall we?

Weekend is here. I hope it to be a wonderful one for all of us…!